Here are some websites, podcasts, and blogs that I enjoy. Perhaps you will too.


BadChristian – transparent and casual conversation on hot topics, current events, and cultural happenings
Ask Science Mike – Christian-turned-atheist-turned-follower-of-Christ discussing questions of reconciling science and faith, tackling everything from the evolution question and matters of the soul and creativity, to the quantum physics and the “could God create a rock so heavy he couldn’t lift up” paradox from the slightly tongue-in-cheek, extremely intelligent perspective of a devout empiricist who blends profound scientific knowledge with a mystical view of spirituality
The Liturgists – communicating matters of faith and beauty from a collective of artists seeking to make thoughtful, progressive, beautiful, and evocative liturgical work.

Theology and Religious Teaching

An Open Orthodoxy – an exploration of the possible relationship between open theism and Orthodoxy, often tackling dense philosophical subjects
Eclectic Orthodoxy – in-depth consideration of Orthodox teaching including analysis and support of universalism
Glory to God for All Things – contemplations on doctrine, mysticism, and culture
ReKnew – Gregory Boyd’s offer of an open view of the future, a pacifist ethic, and a mission that refuses to be co-opted by political regimes and patriotic allegiances
Bridgetown – the Kingdom-oriented, Portland-based evangelical church I attend virtually

Politics and Current Events

The Onion – America’s finest news source
The New Yorker – the cartoons get me
The New York Times – yeah, I know it’s “corporate news”
Mic – politics, culture, and world news aimed at young people


Wait But Why – a “procrastination website” that still manages to educate me, blow my mind, and make me laugh
One-Minute Physics – short, informative videos of complex matters and theories of quantum physics in an easily approachable manner
The Big Round Table – interesting narrative nonfiction that combines creativity with the personality of memoir and the spirit of journalism
Property of Zack – coverage and commentary on the happenings of the underground indie and punk(ish) scene
Joshua S. Porter – thoughts on culture and religion from the frontman of Showbread and author of a number of books


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